What we do
Creative activity has always been our hobby.
We loved cosplay, role-playing games
and various geek-oriented events in which
we constantly participated.

At first, we did various things just for ourselves. Over time, this hobby continued to captivate us more and more. We wanted to make even more cool products, more interesting and high-quality. We wanted our creativity to begin to please not only us, but also other people. So the idea was born to create a studio in which we could realize all our ideas. In the fall of 2013, this idea was realized. We created a studio
and named it CrafterFold!
The early years were difficult for us. We worked
a lot, comprehended new technologies, tried new materials, methods and methods of manufacturing products. This yielded results. We have learned to do incredible props that have pleased us and our customers. And we do not stop there! We continue to improve our technology, materials and skills.
At the moment, our studio is one of the largest.
We have mastered several major areas of activity:

– making cosplay costumes
– weapons and equipment for role-playing games
– merchandise and collectibles
We have been fascinated with cosplay for a long time. Since 2006, we have become regular participants in various cosplay festivals. When you are passionate about this and you like to make costumes for yourself, you gain experience and the realization of how best to do your job comes.

Therefore, now, making costumes for other cosplayers, we make them comfortable, high-quality and durable. We want the customer to feel confident in our suit. The suit will be comfortable, high-quality and as reliable as possible. Our customers appreciate this, noting in their reviews.
Like cosplay and role-playing games are also our old passion. Historical festivals and events are no less interesting for us than cosplay. We were always attracted by impressive weapons, armor and other elements of costumes. In our studio there is a forge in which our metal craftsmen do quality things. Swords, blades, armor, hardware, metal jewelry – all this is incredibly interesting.

In the manufacture, we try to use historical technology and natural materials. Steel, copper, bronze, wood – all this we use in our work. But we do not limit ourselves and also use modern technologies and equipment, which makes the quality of our products as high as possible. In the future, we plan to master the technology of manufacturing jewelry from precious metals.

Role-playing games
As children, teenagers and then adults, we continue to watch films, read books and play video games. And very often you want to not only find yourself in the place of the protagonist (or villain), but also hold a helmet, sword, glove or something else that belongs to your favorite character. Now we have the opportunity to make these dreams come true.

We make helmets, masks, weapons and other items from films, video games, books, comics and etc., so that they can give joy to fans. This is an incredible feeling when you can put on a shelf at home what you could see earlier only on the screen or what you could read about only in a book or on comic book pages. And we are always happy to help translate such ideas into reality.