CRAFTERFOLD - Props and stuff

Our workshop makes unique products for cosplay, collectibles, role-playing games and gifts. We have been in this craft for over 10 years.

Masks, helmets, weapon replicas, electronics, 3d models and much more you can find in our store.

This is a completely handmade individual work.

Quality is our priority! We pay a lot of attention to every detail!

If you would like a unique product that is not in our catalog, please contact us.

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Сosplay weapon

We make weapons and equipment for role-playing games and training: armor, weapon, equipment and fittings, historical costumes.

We work with materials such as:

steel, duralumin, brasscopperbronze,

various types of wood, leather.

Cosplay props

We make high quality and authentic costumes and their elements.

In the creation of cosplay costumes, we use many different technologies: development of 3D models, creation of drawings / sketches, vacuum molding, 3D printing, use of injection and molding plastics, work with metals and other natural materials, painting products on professional equipment.

3D Modeling

Creation of 3D models of varying complexity.

Our modelers will help you in creating a model according to the existing source or according to your individual projects.

Making replicas and collectibles from video, games, cinema, books & comics. We are big fans of modern geek culture. It is always interesting for us to create various famous and rare products.

New projects, work processes, cool photos from our customers and much more!

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