Emperor’s Royal Guard costume armor

Star Wars Emperor’s Royal Guard costume
The kit includes:
helmet (54-59 cm)
chest armor
shoulder pads
leather belt with buckle and holster
leg armor + knee pads
force pike

Armor parts and helmet made of durable plastic.
Genuine leather belt and holster.
Cloth suit made of costume fabric
completely handmade!

Suit made to measure
1. Head circumference 58.5 cm
2. Chest girth 114.3 cm
3. Waist circumference 111.8 cm
4. Shoulder width 50.8 cm
5.  Back width 48.3 cm
6. Front width 48.3 cm
7.  Forearm girth 30.5 cm
8. Girth of wrist 18.5 cm
9. Length of forearm 28 cm
10. Shoulder girth 36 cm
11.  Distance from the floor to the middle of the kneecap  53.4 cm
12. Girth above the knee 44.5 cm
13. Girth under the knee 39 cm
14. The widest place of calf 38.5 cm
15. The narrowest place on the ankle 25.4 cm
Height: - 190.5 cm

See the last photo for a guide to taking measurements.
If your sizes differ significantly, please contact us.

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